Villa L’Ariosto is a prestigious historic mansion dating back to the 1600s ideal for events, receptions and concerts, nestled in the quiet secular Park just a stone’s throw from the economic hubs of Bologna and the most important logistical connections of the train station, highways and airport.
The Historic Mansion, Villa L’Ariosto, is an exclusive location for successful private, artistic, and cultural events, corporate meetings, parties, receptions, concerts and cocktail parties.

There are one hundred parking spaces, providing comfortable support during the organization of events

Stay and Relax

Passing through the gate that admits to the park, one leaves behind the noise and hurry, the car is parked along the two internal driveways that run along the large lawn, and the walk to approach the villa is an experience that restores serenity and quiet, the gaze is magnetized by the façade and focuses on the perspective telescope that crosses the passing loggia creating a visual communication with the park behind the villa.

It is possible to spend a few days in the quiet of this place so close to the city and so far from the noise and confusion by staying overnight at the second floor apartment of the Casa del Cocchiere.

Events and Emotions

Next to the Villa, on the site where the Orsi Theater once stood but was later destroyed during World War II, an atmospheric and intimate place has been carved out as a reminder of its cultural and entertainment past, perfect for aperitifs and music.

In the park to the north of the villa, concerts can be held during the spring and summer seasons.The park setting emphasized by the lights that enhance the treetops creates a magical atmosphere, derealized as if it were a theatrical backdrop.

Events held in the park have a unique element, an English-style gazebo, the only exception to the historicity of the villa, which with its whiteness and the jasmine vines that wrap around it, frames the most beautiful photographs of moments to remember, from the cutting of the cake to an intimate retreat in which to propose to one’s beloved or loved one to spend a lifetime together.

Location for corporate events and photo shoots

Its location makes it unique, a short distance from the center of Bologna, and it can be reached quickly from the A14 and Tangenziale exits of the Roveri freeway. Its proximity to the Fair and FICO Eataly World connect it to the economic hubs that place Bologna at the center of the logistics hub. The train station and airport are just as easily and quickly reached.

Corporate events or photo shoots are easily accomplished.
The cues offered by the villa create multiple possibilities for photo shoots. Where the theater used to be, it is now a perfect photographic set, an authentic and original stage; the Cocchiere’s house and the adjoining well offer glimpses ready to be immortalized; the gazebo in the park to the north is the perfect place to frame professional shots.

Finally, the interior of the villa and its frescoes offer a rare collection of evocative frescoes to make any shot exclusive, evocative of the Great Beauty of which Italy has been a generous patron.